Extra Income Opportunity

Many of us are looking for an extra income opportunity.  Maybe a small business to earn a bit more money.  The challenge usually is to find the cash to get the business started.  The start-up costs are usually quite high.    Whether it is a sales location, business cards, or the out-lay for an extensive inventory.  The costs can go on and on.    Then there is the time it takes until we start to turn a profit.

Easy Business Start-up

Selling the KD Cloth is extremely different from just about all “Extra Income Opportunities”.  
The only requirement is that you buy a box of KD Cloths at their discounted price.  They each come packaged individually.  They have an insert with your name or business name and any other contact information you wish.  

You are now in business.  You can sell them to your friends.  Who will love them too.  You can sell them at a local community event or make arrangements with retailers in your locality.

Another way to get started might be to use them as a fund-raiser for a local charity or community sports or school group.  

They could make the initial purchase and you would be the contact for future orders.

They are easy to sell.  You just have to show how well they clean, using just water.  Then the cloths sell themselves.  People really want them.

Start-up Cost

A box of KD Cloths is 250 KD Cloths and the cost is $462.00.  There is a suggested retail price for each quantity you sell.

Imagine!  Starting your own business with a little as $462.00 plus HST.  You start making money with each sale.  If you interest someone you know, in selling KD Cloths as well, you then earn10 percent of their order.  Before long, you can be earning a couple or even several hundred a month.

It gets better! There are other products available for sale as well:
  • The KD Microfiber Mop
  • The KD Mini Cloths
  • The KD Knife

Believe it!  There is nothing more to it than that.  You can do as little or as much with as you wish.  No one will be on your case.

At this point I will include a quote from a recent Associate mail-out by the founder of the company Gary Moore at Jugar Sales:

Message From Company Founder

I was asked the other day - “What is JUGAR Sales all about?”
Here is what I said:
Jugar Sales is about offering quality products to the public that help to eliminate possibly dangerous cleaning chemicals from the home.
Jugar Sales is about offering products that save the consumer time and money. Jugar Sales is about offering anyone the opportunity to own a business of their own, regardless of their present financial situation.

It is amazing what we are offering!!!!!!!!!

The KD Cloth has revolutionized how thousands of people are cleaning their homes. One cloth has eliminated all window cleaners and most general-purpose cleaners from the home. The KD Cloth provides cleaning perfection, in a fraction of the time.

In the future, there will be a cloth in every home, car, garage, RV, and business. It is a multi-million dollar market in North America and we are in on the ground floor, with the Incredible KD Cloth.

Where else can a person today own a business of their own for the price of a few cloths? A business where there are no minimum purchasing requirements, no territories and no fees to become involved (no franchise fee).
A business where they can share the opportunity with anyone that shows an interest.
A business where Associates continue to receive a Passive Income Payment (PIP) every time one of their Associates places an order. To make it even greater,
the associates are ordering directly from the company, so there is no pass-through of product or money.
To date, over 600 Associates have joined JUGAR Sales since our humble beginnings in 2009, and that number is growing weekly. There are now Associates in five countries.
The great part is that the Associates are receiving larger and larger PIP cheques.
I believe there are millions of consumers that will buy the KD Cloth once they know it is available, and I also believe that there are thousands of people that would like to earn an extra $200, $300 or $500 per month, running a business of their own.
Market the cloth and the Associates will come. I am very proud of you, the Associate, and the increasing success you are achieving.
I wish you continued success, and encourage you to contact us if we can be of any help.

Best Wishes

If you wish any further information, Please call me:
Grant Pattingale at 1-877-742-6648 and I can put you in touch with Jugar Sales.

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