Grant Pattingale, Registered Piano Technician

Grant Pattingale RPT, is a certified Craftsman Member of the Piano Technicians Guild. He has over 30 years experience as a technician: tuning, rebuilding, reconditioning and countless other repairs of pianos.

In 1981 Grant Pattingale was certified as a Craftsman Member of the Piano Technicians Guild. He spent many years working in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. His customers included: private homes, schools, churches, universitie’s practice and performing pianos and music teachers. In the fall of 2018 he moved to Penticton, where he continues tuning and repairing pianos.

He can be reached at 250-488-9230 or He is located at 322-3105 South Main Street, Penticton, BC, V2A 7H1

He believes that, first of all, it is extremely important to identify the musical interests of the customer. Once you know the needs of the customer, then you can determine the best way to meet those needs. Usually, a well maintained piano will only need regular tuning, with periodic additional regulation.

If there is a situation where the instrument is not serving adequately, he will make recommendations. There are occasions when action regulation or hammer voicing can transform a piano from an instrument that is totally unsatisfactory to an instrument that meets the needs of the owner very well.

As a technician he might advise upgrading an existing instrument, if that is the most cost effective way to meet the customer’s requirements. If purchasing a new or rebuilt piano, it is important to determine the way the piano will be used, to determine which instrument would best suit the situation. His many years of experience can help you with these important decisions.

There are a few web pages providing additional information on piano rebuilding, piano reconditioning, how to care for your piano and pitch raising and the benefits of music for children.

He is now servicing pianos in Penticton. His fees are comparable with local rates.

If you are looking to purchase a piano privately, he can evaluate the piano to see if it will meet your musical requirements.

For any further information call 250-488-9230 or email


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