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This page has been set up to provide links and other resources for piano and other music enthusiasts. If you know of any information that could benefit others, please use the Contact Page to contact me.

Heather Trail Music Resources
Sheet music, songbooks, music methods, repertoire, instruments & accessories

Nicola Oddy,
Chuck Shenkman

R.R. 3
Perth, Ontario
K7H 3G5


Rideau River Music
11 Main St W.
Smiths Falls
Phone 613-283-1410
Carry musical instruments and music supplies.

Visit Bench World located in British Columbia for a variety of piano benches they can ship to you.

Piano Phile Inc. located in Quebec sell mostly to technicians but will sell to the general public as well. They also carry piano benches and piano related materials.

If you are looking for additional information on buying an acoustic or digital piano check out Piano Buyer web site.

Dampp Chaser Corporation for additional information on their Piano Life Saver System.

A link to another piano technician’s website to get more enjoyment out of your piano. Find sheet music, piano lessons, piano service and more at

For a great deal more piano information go to the Piano Technicians Guild website.

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